Thursday, October 19, 2006

The first picture of my new ride. Took a plane ride to San Jose, California. Was met by Jest and Nitelite at the ariport. Purchased this 2003 Wing from Jest, the bike showed 5016 miles on the clock. This is in Northern California's Redwood hightway on the way home the next day.

Trees of Mystery near Klamath, California. Thip home with the new "jest" bike. August 06.

This was a first attempt. I thought the Dream Catcher was too plain and too small, and I didn't like the style of, a little paint thinner removed it nicely.

A parking lot in Reno, Nevada. 7 AM, waiting for a pinstriper that was suppose to be here by now. He finally showed up, but I didn't care for his style, so decided to wait. It was a good trip anyway Thanks to Slots and the fun we had together down there.

This is near Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. It was in the low 80's over in the Roseburg area today, a beautiful ride of 200 miles on some back roads.

Patrick is going over some sketches and things I took off the internet. I know what I want this time, he's going to start on it tomorrow! (Thursday, 10/19/06)